Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dino Cake

Apologies for the hiatus – this lazy beach girl is adjusting to the 9-5 work life.

The week before I started work I made an amazing cake. I know what you thinking, ‘But, Kerrianne, you always make amazing cakes!’, well this ones was double amazing for a few reasons:

1. Blue inside.
2. Size innovation (made it smaller for 2 people).
3. Reference to all the dinosaurs dying (a.k.a. dinopocalypse).
4. Successful representation of a deadly meteor.
5. I made watermelon martinis with actual watermelon puree.

It was a pretty hard idea to come up with, especially since the gentleman it was for had zero opinion and interests that are hard to put on a cake (comic books, the office, indie bands, flannel shirts – i.e. hipster interests). I was close to doing flannel, but it just isn’t my style. Here is the gloriousness of the dino cake which now graces the home screen of his phone. PS It has also been added into the 'I make stuff' cake album.

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