Monday, November 26, 2012


I've been looking for ways to better myself recently, challenge myself outside of the office and get cultured. I was finally inspired by a doppleganger. No, not my doppleganger... my cat's.

As I went about my day doing what I usually - falling into an internet cat black hole - I rediscovered the Clinton's cat, Socks.  Lil Boo to Cat Island, to Cat lovers (lovers that are cats) and somehow to Socks - this image in particular.

Socks Clinton really had quite the presence and more importantly Rabbit is a dead ringer for Socks.We really missed out on all the dough to be made as a celebrity look-a-like.

                           Rabbit                                                                                                                                 Socks

Since I couldn't get my cat his deserved fifteen minutes of fame, I was inspired by Socks to do something else, train my cat to sit on my shoulder. I don't think Ill look quite as endearingly authoritative as Bill here, but I'll at least be the most original pirate in the land.

So naturally, I started to Google how to train a cat to do this... the most interesting one made it look like a cat does this to poop in your ear and said you had to start young. So forget them. I think we can manage this by Easter.

LOOK! Rabbit already has a natural curve.