Monday, December 27, 2010


It seems only fitting my three-week hiatus end on the day of a blizzard, when I am trapped inside.  Yesterday I drank Poinsettias – basically a mimosa, but with cranberry juice instead of OJ—to get threw the blizzard. I holed up with my cousin drinking and playing an amazing crazy cat lady game I got for Christmas (Should take that as a sign?) Last night we had the best blizzard meal—FONDUE, also just one of my favorite meals in general, next to Mac n’cheese and buffalo chicken.
We woke up this morning to the frightening prospect of having to do something other than watch sitcoms, with the internet and cable out. Just the other day Jen and I started fighting when we didn’t have the next season of 30 Rock on the queue.  
We decided to divert ourselves with a walk to survey the damage after finding out that there was severe flooding and fires in town.  I couldnt embed teh video or slide show, but they are worth a watch. Luckily we didn’t have the fires where we are. We also couldn’t watch the news to figure out what was going on or watch silly field anchor people get blown away.  Don’t worry I brought my flip cam, I’ll put the NEWS BREAKING FOOTAGE together later on today.  Needless to say the whipping snow felt like little blades but the beach look amazing – in a violent storm kind of way. Then my sister and I carried a very large piece of driftwood home for mum, who seems to really like driftwood and all things ocean. We figured out it was about .8 miles, but hey LETS ROUND UP because my arms are sore and call it a mile. To tide you over till you get to watch my video I googled ‘cats AND blizzard’ and found this. My cats should feel lucky I don’t make them prance around in the snow for the sake of entertainment….yet.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It’s CATURDAY - the first official Caturday of my blogging career. I have to specify that, because for me, everyday is Caturday.  There are a few big announcements that go along with this: I will be starting a tab of only cat videos; I might as well embrace my obsession, right?  Also, there will be pussycat character coming soon – it isn’t even in production yet, just creative development, but it will likely involve dressing up my balding cat, Gladys.
            Gladys is a really special cat (I actually just wrote ‘special person’ and had to delete it, because she is a cat-not a person). Gladys is the embodiment of  “her bark is worse than her bite”. She has been known to growl when held against her will or not permitted to eat pasta and other Italian cuisine. I personally haven’t heard of Italian cats. I know Egyptians and leopard print lovers held felines in high regard - oh, and people with barns and mice.
            Now it seems everyone has to have cats in their life. That  ‘has’ means they are forced to – how can you even avoid them on the internet today? I recently got into to a Twitter fight (how lame) with a dog lover Cats vs. Dogs and how, technically, there is more demand (according to he stats on what is searched online) for dogs even though there is a lot more kitty content. First of all – DUH. Duh that there is more content, I mean. You see, puppies are cute and maybe amusing sometimes, but not hilarious. Cats are hilarious because they do far more random things than a dog, and are far less predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs too, but they just aren’t as interesting unless it is a real life dog that is your pet. For example, below I’ll post two pictures, and you tell me which one is funnier, even though the content is similar.

            Maybe it’s just me, but the dog just looks endearing, or stupid. The cat actually has a personality here, and it isn’t a submissive one. First of all if you going to dress your cat up as anything, it is best if it is a touch undersized – not in the inhumane way, but in the same way that Disney shirt is too small for the big guy with his belly hanging out.

Now I wanted to round out the post with some Cat harmony-but there were actually a number of videos like this one- the challenge was to find one without horrendously obnoxious music (Goes to show the taste of some of us cat lovers)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Morning Television

I was cursed with watching The Regis and Kelly wig-a-thon  I don’t know what they are actually calling it- but, I can only take so much of it. I actually just googled it – apparently they’ve been doing  ‘Wig Out’ for a while. Oddly enough, if you google image search all you get is this gem, very Little House on the Prairie, but the one with Regis and Kelly is pretty demonstrative of what my morning horror was-even though its of their High School Musical Halloween costumes
Aside from this my morning tell vision experience was, over all a good experience, despite my unsuccessful attempts to find real news. I got stuck on America’s funniest home videos -who can resist a baby in a toilet? I especially liked the bird attack series; it really brought me back to my childhood. My babysitter used to take us to feed the ducks and killer geese when we refused to watch any more television, and I fell victim to the vicious beasts. I don’t have footage of that fateful day, unfortunately. I even tried to google “goose attack”, “baby AND geese”, and “when geese attack”, but I couldn’t any replacement goose/geese attack videos.  My sister can tell you I have a knack, or at least a passion, for interesting searches.

This week I also got yet another rejection for a job a applied to, that I actually was qualified for.  Obviously, I have gotten pretty tired of the rejections and I have vowed numerous time to get rich and buy the companies I was rejected from, which would result in a pretty interesting and dynamic acquisition. If that happens, I plan on giving a speech just like this one, so they are as confused and potentially miffed as I am that stupid person has a job and I don’t.

Braided Wigs images from Boston Herald